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It started in 1999, knowing we were eating chicken that was not healthy for ourselves; we started raising chickens for our own consumption. Word spread, and today we raise for you “chicken that is fit to eat”.

Raised out of doors, in the fresh air and green pastures, our chickens are moved everyday to new grass. They experience a diet rich in natural plants and insects, and feed mixtures that have NON-GMO grains, no antibiotics, and no growth stimulants.

We believe that the cheapest food is not always the least expensive. Conventionally produced food generally, erodes the soil, pollutes the water, air and environment, lowers people’s immune systems, hurts the rural economy and debases the food supply.

What does all that cost? Nobody knows, but if would sure splash red ink all over those 99 cent a pound fryers. The point is, society, including future generations, pick up the tab for today’s shortcuts. Beware of the USDA terms, “all natural”, “free range”, and “organic” when it comes to poultry. Most come with a catch. Usually, these birds are still fed in confinement, with very little or no green matter, breathing fecal dust and ammonia fumes. USDA Organic, Free Range birds can have access to the outdoors 2 days out of 30 and still be called, “Free Range”.

I urge you to do some serious research into the food you are consuming. We invite you to see how we raise our chicken. Being grass fed, and raised outdoors, our chicken are:

  • High in Omega 3 fats
  • No antibiotic residues
  • Highly nutritious
  • Taste incredible
  • Little or no harmful bacteria
  • Environmentally responsible

Once you purchase chicken from us; get set to enjoy what real chicken is suppose to taste like.


If you want a very special holiday meal, you’re in for a treat when you try our turkey. Grown out on pasture like our chickens, our turkeys develop a special and unique flavor that can’t compare. Turkeys love to forage and that habit transforms them into a totally different flavor experience. Raised our way, they are succulent and very flavorful.

We process turkeys through out the year, and the week before Thanksgiving, but you have to put your order in early so we know how many to raise.


We have available, year around, eggs from our pastured hens. Until you have tried RAISED RIGHT MEATS™ fresh eggs, you haven’t tried the best eggs.
One word of caution though: If your getting eggs from someone, make sure they are not feeding commercial feed. Most commercial feed is GMO grains and has certain by-products that are recycled ingredients of the poultry processing industry. These by-products have antibiotic residues and other undesirable substances. Our hens are fed the same safe mix as our meat birds, which include Non-GMO grains and all natural vitamin and mineral supplements.
Contact us for a way to get your eggs.


We now offer pork. We feed our hogs the best NON-GMO feed mix possible with no soybean meal with its solvent residues. No synthetic vitamins or minerals either. We are proud of our unique feed mix which gives our pork a very sweet taste. Wait till you taste the difference. Pork is available in either individual cuts or by the half or whole hog.


Our beef is grass fed, no grain, and is high in CLA (Conjugated linoleic acid) Yes, grass fed beef is more flavorful than grain fed, and is better for you. We use no chemical wormers, no antibiotics or growth stimulants.
Most producers of “grass fed” beef in this country are giving “grass fed” beef a bad name. To do “grass fed” beef right you have to have excellent genetics, the right type of forage at finishing, and the animal has to be mature at the finishing stage. Most producers do not follow this protocol. To learn more about why grass fed beef is better go to Contact us for your beef today.


Our lamb is grass fed, no grain. We use no chemical wormers, and no antibiotics or growth stimulants.Our lamb products move fast so contact us when we have lamb in season. Or, join our email list so you will be notified of when we have lamb available.