A few examples of why we feel we excel in our field:

Just remember, just because it is raised by a local farmer, doesn’t mean it is good or good for you. We ask that you do your research, educate yourself, then choose what you feel is best for improving or sustaining your good health.

Questions you should ask your local producer or go visit them and have them show you.

What do you feed your animals?

If they feed grain to their poultry or pork, ask if they feed Non -GMO grains. If they get there feed at the local feed store, 99% of the time it will be GMO grain. The negative effect of GMO grains are now showing up in many health studies. To not overwhelm you with to much information here, go to www.responsibletechnology.org
This website will educate you on the ill effects of consuming GMO grains or animals that have consumed GMO grains. Raised Right Meats ™ feeds non-gmo grains to its poultry and hogs.

Is your Beef or Lamb 100% grass fed?

Ruminant animals (animals with four stomachs) should eat grass or hay alone, no grain products. If a ruminant animal is eating grain in any quantity, no matter how small, it is changing its meat and fat to a higher Omega 6 fat ratio as opposed to a higher Omega 3 fat ratio. More educational info, on www.eatwild.com . If a ruminant animal is fed anything but grass, hay, and/or a mineral supplement, you are then physically changing the properties of the meat to a less healthy product for you to consume.

Is soybean meal fed to your poultry or pork?

Soybean meal is loaded with chemical solvent residues. Hexane, a solvent used to break down the fibers of the soybean, to extract all the soybean oil, is a neurotoxin.
Raised Right Meats™ uses whole roasted soybeans, which includes the oil, in all its feed mixes that it feeds its poultry and hogs. Besides the non-toxic advantages, it helps yield a very flavorful product.

What kind of mineral is fed your animals?

Most livestock minerals are made as cheap as possible to save the farmer money.
Most mineral mixes are made from synthetic or toxic vitamin and mineral sources. We are proud to use all natural vitamin and mineral mixes in our ground feed or free choice to the ruminant animals. The company we purchase our mineral and vitamin products from has been in business for over 50 years and most of the products are certified organic.

What kind of wormer do you use?

This area is the most challenging for most producers. Using a safe non-toxic, non- chemical wormer for most producers does not get results. Most revert to chemical wormers. Usually the “ECTIN” type wormers are used on cattle, hogs, and sheep. Ivermectin, Cydectin, etc. and they are a very toxic organo-phosate pesticides. They are very toxic to livestock; and where the manure hits the ground it kills most of the soil worms and biological life in a large area surrounding that pile for many years.
Raised Right Meats ™ uses natural herbs, ie. Black walnut hull powder, DE, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, etc. to worm our animals.

Just remember we are at the top of the food chain. Any one ingestion of any of these chemicals or additives won’t harm you. But, over time toxic levels build up in our bodies causing many health challenges, including cancer.
Make the right choice… good healthy choices don’t cost, they pay you back in the long term.